Friday, July 22, 2005

"It was amazing... It's a bloodbath."


The Fire Next Time said...

Matt used that exact word today, "bloodbath," to describe either the new book, or the movie. Or what his prediction of the book would be. I don't recall. You wouldn't believe how many campers here at camp had the book sent to them from Amazon yesterday. We had tons of them in the mailroom. One camper's father drove him a copy of the book up here and dropped it off for him. Not sure where he drove from, but the kid was just like, "Thanks dad!" and took off. Maybe we should have 2 days of camp just devoted to reading it. We could have a public reading, and have kids take turns reading 5 or 10 pages at a time until it's done.

Stacy said...

I tried to read it slowly, but finished Wed. night. I loved it...and I'm sad it's over...time to start the series again!