Monday, November 27, 2006

Mark, there's actually quite a bit not correct here.

First, it might well be that the NAACP is agitated about this because it is "about race," and it is racial profiling. Even if the 6 muslim men had been terrorists, and their plan to blow up a plane foiled, it would still be "about race." Unless the terrorists were apprehended on the strength of evidence or intelligence, it was purely because of their race and religious practice.

Also, I am exactly someone "vaguely familiar with Islamic terrorism," and I've never heard of their terror "protocol" requiring a prefatory prayer. (For that matter, I've never heard of a terrorist protocol.) The 9/11 Commission Report, forthermore, does not include a single reference to the hijackers publicly praying before getting on planes.

There is a perfectly reasonable explanation for why the men prayed before boarding the plane, though: because they are Muslim. Muslims pray five times a day (and since the men were returining from a religious studies conferecne, we can presume they take their religion somewhat seriously).

And one more thing, the quote from the religious leader (who you deride) is hardly as outrageous as you suggest. All he said is that he found the situation, "troubling." Clearly, you find it troubling, too. Why can't he stick up for people the way you're sticking up for the nervous travelers and airline employees?

I'm not a religious person, and I don't seek the opinions of religious officials or leaders, but this guy's right.


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Mark said...

Hey Bryan-

He has every right to stick up for the imams, I just disagree with him.

Your right that I misspoke that it's "not about race". Maybe I should say it's not about "racism". Certainly the passengers were worried when they saw Arab men praying, but I don't think it was because they were Arabs, I think it was because they were Muslims praying. Were the passengers using prejudices? Sure. I just don't think they were out of line.

And no, there isn't a written document about protocol, but we've all seen martyr tapes with terrorists praising Allah, and seen videos of beheaders chanting to Allah etc.