Tuesday, January 09, 2007

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Legality of skunk ownership in the United States

Skunk regulations can change from time to time, so prospective skunk owners may want to check with the Fish and Game Commission or Department of Conservation and Natural Resources in their state.

State (Legality)

Alabama (Legal, if bred in state)

Alaska (Illegal)

Arkansas (Illegal)

Arizona (Illegal)

California (Illegal)

Colorado (Illegal)

Connecticut (Illegal)

Connecticut (Illegal)

Delaware (Illegal)

Florida (Legal, with permit)

Georgia (Legal, except black & whites)

Hawaii (Illegal)

Idaho (Illegal)

Illinois (Illegal)

Indiana (Legal, with permit)

Iowa (Legal)

Kansas (Illegal)

Kentucky (Legal in some counties)

Louisiana (Illegal)

Maine (Illegal)

Maryland (Illegal)

Massachusetts (Legal, with permit)

Michigan (Legal with permit; outside cage must be built; must be Michigan bred.)

Minnesota (Illegal)

Mississippi (Illegal)

Missouri (Illegal)

Montana (Illegal)

Nebraska (Illegal)

Nevada (Illegal)

New Hampshire (Striped skunks illegal; hooded and spotted legal.)

New Jersey (Legal, with permit & if bred in state.)

New Mexico (Legal, with permit)

New York (Legal with permit, in some areas only.)

North Carolina (Illegal)

North Dakota (Illegal)

Ohio (Legal, with permit)

Oklahoma (Legal, but must have import permit and health certificate.)

Oregon (Legal, if bought outside of the state, with import permit and health certificate. Illegal to sell or trade skunks.)

Pennsylvania (Legal, with permit)

Rhode Island (Illegal)

South Carolina (Permit now required; currently owned are legal, but no more will be permitted. Illegal to buy or sell skunks.)

South Dakota (Legal without permit; only one skunk per person.)

Tennessee (Illegal)

Texas (Illegal)

Utah (Illegal)

Vermont (Illegal)

Virginia (Illegal)

Washington (Illegal)

West Virginia (Legal, with permit)

Wisconsin (Legal, with permit)

Wyoming (Legal, classified as predatory animals; as such may be kept as pets with no license required)

Washington, D.C. (Illegal)

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