Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Washington Post obtained, via leak, a partial list of industry representatives Dick Cheney met with prior to issuing his energy task force report in May 2001. Cheney has refused to provide Congress with this information, citing the confidentiality of executive branch deliberations. Last month, though, when refusing to comply with an executive order regulating classified material, Cheney’s position was that he wasn’t even part of the executive branch.

Also, this week, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales is preparing for more testimony in front of the Senate judiciary committee. They want him to clarify some of his previous statements regarding the firing of US Attorneys and the administration’s warrant-free wiretapping program.

After his last round of testimony, George W. Bush made the statement that his confidence in the attorney general had actually grown. The only rational explanation for this is that Gonzales “could not recall” so much stuff that the judiciary committee’s investigations were essentially stymied.

The two men at the top of this administration have already disposed of sincerity and integrity. They are now poised to obliterate irony, as well.

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