Saturday, August 14, 2010

Addendum to Episode 1.2

I forgot that the DVD has deleted scenes for some episodes.
  • Reverend at Smash's church telling him his team needs him to lead, not to dazzle.
  • Tami getting drunk (with someone) and angry about Jason Street only being valued by Dillon for having a good throwing arm
  • Local media interview Panther players and coaches, some of which is incorporated into the episode. Notable, though, for being the first time we meet Bobby Reyes (#42, Safety) and the only time we meet Jeroma Dolia (#01, Wide Receiver). We also learn that both Assistant Coach Mac McGill and Coach Taylor are Johnny Cash fans.
  • An extended version of the scene where the book club ladies tell Tami how Eric should use their sons on the team, which ends with Julie’s English teacher introducing herself and taking Tami away to get drunk (apparently leading in to the second deleted scene).

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