Monday, December 18, 2006

The survey from Mark...

1) Does film best tell the truth (Godard) or tell lies (De Palma) at 24
frames per second? (Thanks, Peet)

I'm sure there's context that would make this question make more sense, but for now I'm with De Palma.

2) Ideal pairing of actors/actresses to play on-screen siblings

I have no opinion on this subject.

3) Favorite special effects moment?

The space travel scenes in 2001.

4) Matt Damon or George Clooney?

I like them both a lot, though Clooney is especially awesome in Out of Sight and Three Kings.

5) What is the movie you’ve encouraged more people to see than any other?


6) Favorite film of 1934

I don't know if I've seen any movies from 1934, but The Most Dangerous Game, M, and King Kong all came out within a few years on either end. I like all of them a lot.

7) Your favorite movie theater*

Paramount Theatre, Austin, TX; Alamo Drafthouse Village, Austin; Oak Street Cinema, Minneapolis, MN; Cinerama, Seattle, WA

8) Jean Arthur or Irene Dunne?

No opinion.

9) Favorite film made for children

Monsters, Inc., Babe: Pig in the City (if you presume that last one is actually for children)

10) Favorite Martin Scorsese Movie

After Hours, King of Comedy, Kundun, The Departed

11) Favorite film about children

George Washington

12) Favorite film of 1954

The Best Years Of Our Lives (actually came out in 1946)

13) Favorite screenplay written by a writer more famous for literature than

The Third Man (Graham Greene)

14) Walter Matthau or Jack Lemmon?

I think they were both pretty great.

15) Favorite character name

John McClane, Frank T.J. Mackey

16) Favorite screenplay adapted from a work of great literature, either by
the author himself or by someone else

The House of Mirth

17) Favorite film of 1974

18) Joan Severance or Shannon Tweed?

No opinion.

19) jackass: the movie-- yes or no?

This is not a complete question, but i enjoy that movie. So, yes.

20) Favorite John Cassavetes Movie

I'm still behind on seeing John Cassavetes movies.

21) First R-rated movie you ever saw

I can't remember. The Terminator was definitely one of the first. It scared the crap out of me.

22) Favorite X-rated film (remember that, while your answer may well be a
famous or not-so-famous hard-core film, the "X" rating was once also a
legitimate rating that did not necessarily connote pornography)

I guess Midnight Cowboy, but I don't know of any other X-rated movies.

23) Best film of 1994

24) Describe a moment in a movie that made you weep

There are a lots. One is the scene in The Insider where Russel Crowe watches his kids watching him on television.

25) Ewan McGregor or Ewan Bremner?


26) One of your favorite line readings (not necessarily one of your favorite
lines) from this or any year

27) What, if any, element in a film, upon your hearing of its inclusion
beforehand, would most likely prejudice you against seeing that film or
keeping an open mind about it?

I can't think of a single element that would always do it.

28) Favorite Terry Gilliam Movie

29) Jean Smart or Annie Potts?

Annie Potts was good (I think) in Ghostbusters, Jean Smart was pretty good on 24 last season. Other than that, I have no thoughts on this subject.

30) Is it possible to know with any certainty if you could like or love
someone based partially on their taste in movies? If so, what film might be
a potential relationship deal-breaker for you, or the one that might just
seal that deal?

Christ, what the fuck kind of question is this? Yes, it is possible to be certain that I could.

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